League Play begins: 9-29-2016 Start Time: 7:00 PM


League Info:

9-29-16 to 12-22-16 Season One

12-29-16 to 3-23-17 Season Two

3-30-17 to 6-22-17 Season Three

6-29-17 to 9-21-17 Season Four

Clash of the Champions: 9-28-2017


 NLGC Commander League Rules and Information

All normal rules and banned list will be followed as per Wizards of the Coasts website.

Each league quarter will be 3 months long. There will be 4 quarters in each league run. At the end of the forth quarter, there will be a Super Commander Game where the previous 1st and 2nd place winners of each quarter will meet in playoffs and then a final game to determine the winner of the year. There will be a minimum of 8 people playing in this end tournament. 

The winner of each quarter will receive a custom playmat and the prize that is set for that quarter. 

No more than twice a month will the same deck be played in any tournament. Changing out a couple of cards or the commander of the deck does not count as a new deck. The deck must be significantly different than the previous deck. 

Every third Thursday, the format for the game will be peasant format. This means that all cards played in the deck will be worth the bulk price as follows. All Common’s will cost no more than .15 cents. All Uncommon’s  will be no more than .25 cents. Rare’s will be no more than .50 cents, and lastly, Mythic’s will cost no more than $1.50. No commander will be valued at more than $5.00 dollars in cost. There is a 5 cent variance to account for some pricing structure. The cost of the card will be the lowest price listed for an English card on Starcity Games website. Some uncommon cards are valued at .29 cents and may be included. Rares that are valued up to .59 cents will also be allowed as well as Mythic’s costing $1.59.

Locally banned cards are as followed: Triumph of the Hordes, Felidar Sovereign, and Triskaidekaphobia.

There will be a point system that will determine the standings each week and points gained will follow you thru out the quarter. Each month there will be two additional possible ways to gain points. 


Point Awards:

Fatality: Each kill will result in 1 point. This is either thru direct action or in the case of redirection. If player A casts a spell at player B that would cause their death and player C redirects that spell causing death to player A, player C would receive a point for killing player A.

Grace of an Angel: Each player can gain 1 point for saving another player. This bonus can only be gained once per game no matter how many people the player saves.

We are going to get mail here: All opponents left can concede at the same time if they feel that the game will be a draw at the end. All players must agree. This will result in a point for each player left.

How Vanilla!: Running a stock EDH Commander deck that was a release from Wizards during the yearly new commander decks will gain the player 2 points.

Looks like you added a coat of paint: Running a stock EDH Commander deck with no more than 5 cards switched out will gain the player a point.

Cramped Quarters: Controlling at least 30 non-token, non-land permanents will gain you 1 point.

Dinner Party: Attack and deal combat damage to three different players during one combat phase will get you one point. All damage must succeed for the point to be gained.

I Hate You: If you kill, counter, or steal someone’s commander three or more times in a single game you are awarded 1 point.

I Am Voltron!: Control a creature that has five or more aura’s or equipment attached to it. You are awarded one point.


Armageddon:  Destroy or Remove all lands in play through spells or abilities. (This penalty is in the spirit of the rule, and not the letter of the rule, effects that would reset the board for all or most of the players at the table will be awarded this penalty.) This can be awarded to the same player more than once per round. Two points will be deducted from your score.

But We Just Started: Eliminate a player before they’re sixth turn. This can be awarded to the same player more than once per round. This will result in a 2 point penalty

Do Not Pass Go: Take more than two turns in a row. This can be awarded to the same player more than once per round, and applies to each additional turn after the first two. Taking an extra turn after the first two will result in a 2 point penalty.